Functionality - MEDstatistics for Retina Therapies

Quick Data Input

You can gather important data on your patients' retinal therapies with just a few clicks of the mouse: diagnoses, visual acuity (in decimals or ETDRS letters), information which diagnostics have been performed (OCT, fundus scan, angiography), injection data, criteria for discontinuing therapy.

New consultation

Visualization of the therapy progress

The consultations recorded of a patient is presented in a clear table. Additionally the values of the visual acuity are displayed graphically. The graph for "Monitoring Frequency" shows how frequently a patient is summoned to investigations.

Consultation chart

Statistical Evaluations

MEDstatistics offers numerous statistical evaluations for multiple patients: information on the patients/eyes treated, average time between exams, evaluation of vision gain and vision outcome, calculation of the average injection frequency per treatment year. All the collected data can be exported in order to perform additional analyses in Excel, for example.

Evaluations Va Outcome

Link Patient in PMS *

The patient record in MEDstatistics can be opened directly with a link from the Patient Management System (PMS) of your clinic, which supports a smooth workflow.
* provided the PMS supports external linking.

Link Patient in PMS

Evaluation Information

Detailed explanations of the calculations that are happening behind the scenes can be displayed for each particular evaluation in a side panel.

Evaluation Information

PDF / Printout

The latest consultation or the whole clinical history of a patient can be exported as a PDF file and then printed, to hand it to the patient, for example. The printout not only shows the consultation data, but also the VA progress as a chart, and it may be customized for your clinic (logo, header, address).

Patient Printout
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